Latest News

1)     Fund Raising Project Team has formed in August 2010 to help UIMA to raise fund for the newly build childcare centre and student bursaries.

2)     The second Child Care Centre under the brand name of Little Dolphins Playskool is located at Block 714, West Coast Road, Singapore 120714. It is fully operational since 1 December 2010 with added Infant Care and Student Care Services.

3)     UIMA is partnering with Grassroots Pte Ltd to create a fundraising homepage at is an online platform that gives everyone a way to support local charities online through fundraising and donations. Donors are able to contribute their share by donating via e-NETS direct debit in the GIVE website.

4)     UIMA is partnering with BigDeal Pte Ltd to sell the donated items from the product sponsorship. The online portal will provide the electronic marketing, online publicity for the sponsors, e-commerce platform and sale transaction with the buyer via paypal. UIMA is encouraging the public to support this fundraising initiative by buying the product at